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Ways of Thinking

"Children in general have a different way of thinking...I've learned mine have an extremely creative way of thinking".

15 Types of Distorted Thinking

Children Learn What They Live

Self-fulfilling Prophesy: a child will eventually behave as we expect (not always the same as we desire)...

What do you really think about your child? Usually, what we think about our children will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. A klutz will be a klutz. A troublemaker will make trouble. I remember a woman telling me how she was having difficulties in math when she was in elementary school. Her mother said to her, "No one in our family is good in math. I wasn't good at math, your father wasn't good at math, your sister isn't good in math. No wonder you're having a hard time. I'm sure you'll be good at something else." How much of a chance did she stand to do well in math? 
Source: www.aish.com/family/mensch/A_Self_Fulfilling_Prophecy_-_Part_2

The three parts of the self-fulfilling prophecy triangle include: 

  • Assumptions - The assumptions people make about children influence what they expect and how they treat them.
  • Parent/provider's expectations and behavior - if people expect the child to succeed, they'll put forth more effort.
  • Child's reactions - if the child senses that others believe in his abilities, he is most likely to succeed.

Adapted from: www.refresher.com/!pbtprophecy.html

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