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fcwsn is born

The year was 2002...I'd been attending parenting groups and conferences for several years already and my briefcase on wheels was bursting at the seams. At the time, my son was going to COD to become a certified web designer. He would come home from classes and play with his nephew. Most nights he would read him bedtime stories till he was snoring. My son taught him "important things like how to cook, take care of your computer and move to the music"!

One night my son told me about his upcoming class project. He said he needed to build a website. As he stood close by talking to a friend, I felt he was distracted by me going through my briefcase. His head tilted to the right with curiosity...he stopped speaking in mid sentence. Then his head tilted to the left as I cut/pasted info from one parent's e-mail to another...I suddenly heard his friend calling his name through the phone as it now lay on the dining room table...                

I turned to my son and he asked..."mom, would it help if all your notes were in a website that you could just direct parents to" I exclaimed "YES". After lots of brainstorming, we came up with the name of the site and he created the logo. We spent weeks side by side as he asked me about subject matter, layout, etc. and I read him my chicken scratch notes on napkins. My son dedicated himself to www.fcwsn.com; a website For Children With Special Needs until it was born and beyond!!! Thank GOoDness he picked us for his class project! The experience is still such a vivid and awesome memory for me. And what a tremendous gift to the world!

As you may have guessed, my son rcvd the highest grade in his class. Now 10 years later, he's living his true passion of moving to the music...on top of his full-time day job he's also a professional DJ! I forgot to mention...he taught my grandson the most valuable lesson of all..."NEVER give up on your dreams".


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